The Career Explorers Group Coaching Program

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Of the many lessons learned from the pandemic, one of the most important is this: life is too short to be unhappy. After a year of radical transformation we’re long overdue for a closer look at what happiness means now.

A third of our lives are spent at work. That means we deserve to be happy there too.

That vision might look fuzzy through the haze of all-day Zoom calls, dead-end chats with recruiters, and the rising fear that everyone will just go back to business as usual. And yet, something deep within us knows that we're poised for change. We just need to articulate what we want that change to be.

The Career Explorers Group Coaching Program is an opportunity to define what's next? in a supportive environment of people heeding the same call. Groups are capped at 6 participants and gather weekly via Zoom to identify needs and values, design an ideal future, strengthen against challenges, and plan next steps.

What We Discuss

Week One: Find Your Way Forward By Looking Back

If I asked you what your favorite or least favorite job has been, you may have an answer. But have you ever stopped to really understand why? In our first session we’ll map out your most significant professional experiences to understand what made them so meaningful or so awful.

Week Two: Envision the Future

Using our learnings from week one, we'll define the kind of work life that meets our core professional -- and personal -- needs. In writing our own job descriptions, we'll identify our must-haves, nice-to-haves, and absolutely nevers.

Week Three: Gather Your Friends (and Enemies)

It happens all the time: You envision the future you want and the hope is quickly squashed by a flood of voices in your head telling you it's impossible. This week, we're going to have a heart-to-heart with our inner critics and doubters and turn them into allies and champions.

Week Four: Chart the Course

Our motto is direction over destination. Once we're clear on our needs and values, we can imagine many possibilities and not just one single, focused goal. Together we'll strategize how to connect with advisors and supporters, make space for exploration, and become our own best traveling companions.

What Past Participants Say

"Changing careers is destabilizing. Jen's coaching helped me realize that what felt like a random pivot was actually a conscious choice rooted in feelings about past professional experiences. The structure of the program slowed down and structured my thinking, and the community she created was supportive and free of judgement." - Toby

"Jen's career changers program was such a helpful experience. It's so easy to get in your own head when job searching: whether talking yourself out of a direction or particular job. This program helped build my confidence and ability to be more clear and direct about what I want in my next career step." - Laura

How We Gather

This season of the Career Explorers Group Coaching Program is scheduled for:

  • Monday, October 25 at 6pm EST
  • Monday, October 1 at 6pm EST
  • Monday, November 8 at 6pm EST
  • Monday, November 15 at 6pm EST

Each session is 60 minutes long. A Zoom link will be provided with welcome materials.

Group members will have journaling work to complete before we meet to help encourage reflection and discovery on each of the four weekly topics, which is facilitated by the coach. This is a highly participatory program, with group members sharing their successes as well as their struggles. We commit to creating a space worthy of that vulnerability by maintaining complete confidentiality. And we conclude our work together with a new support network to lean on as we move forward.

Registration closes on Monday, October 18. Your payment for the program is $300.

Not sure if the program is the right fit or want to hear about sliding scale options? Schedule a 30-minute chat with me or send an email to